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Travel in Israel for Persons with Disabilities

The State of Israel places a great deal of importance on providing comfortable conditions for persons with disabilities. Considerable efforts and resources have been invested to enable disabled persons to access any destination and to receive service that is equal to that received by the rest of the public.

The Israel Government Tourist Corporation, the executive arm of the Ministry of Tourism for developing infrastructure, has initiated numerous activities for making many tourist sites throughout the country accessible, and is encouraging people with disabilities to travel, tour, and visit these sites.

New sites have been made accessible and old sites have been renovated to make them more suitable.

For example, the summit of the Massada (Metsada) fortress near the Dead Sea is now accessible, and people with disabilities can now reach the upper level of the site. A special area on Massada has been adapted so that persons with visual disabilities can touch and feel the surroundings. Other sites, such as the Halls of the Knights in Acre (Akko), the esplanade and amphitheater in Caesarea (Keysariya) have also been made accessible for disabled persons.

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