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Hand in Hand - International Patient Assistance

Hand in Hand is a medical tourism company and the representative of Israel's Hadassah hospital; Hand in Hand provides shorter waiting times, medical escorts, coordination of doctors visits, travel arrangements, post-operative logistics and documentation, as well as customized tours around the country for people coming to have surgery or treatment in Israel.

The people behind Hand in Hand understand the difficulty in travelling overseas for medical treatment. In this global village we live in, we have the opportunity to choose the very best care in the very best facility - wherever in the world that may be. However, that doesn't take away from the fear and anxiety one feels before medical procedures; especially when they are far from home and conducted in a foreign language.

Hand in Hand understand how crucial it is to have everything organised and pre-arranged in order to minimize difficulty and avoid stress. They have established a service that caters to all your needs; before you arrive, during your stay and after your get home. This way you can take care of your health, while they take care of everything else.

Why Choose Hadassah

Hadassah hospital has become known as one of the best medical institutions in the world; through the care it gives its patients as well as its world renowned specialists, advanced medical treatments and research centre.

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  Hand in Hand - International Patient Assistance
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